The last time I saw their book, they had some crystal type stuff. kitchen stuff and stuff for the home. It was expensive. I haven’t heard anything about htem in several years so I didn’t even know they were still around.
If you wanna go for the social aspect, that’s fine… but if you do feel pressured by sales pitches, then don’t go. I go to stuff like that when my friends host a party just to get out of the house. And if I see something worthwhile, I’ll get it, but I am able to tune out the “pressure” part of it because I’ve already heard it all before and I know the scoop on MLMs.

Hi – my friend just sent me an invitation to a PRincess House event. I haven’t had time to look up info on it and was wondering if this is anything MLM ish with lots of overpriced products with big markups or if this is something of value to go to. Am I getting pitched or pressured if I go?