Before I pay the $495.00. I wanted to know if anyone in this blog has dealt with or no anyone who is in either of these MLM? I know in Monavie my upline has moved pretty fast in a year with Monavie making at least $7,ooo per week if not more. She is always traveling and speaking on Monavie. I really like the stuff but have not been able to push it. When I talk to people about either of these people are not interested or relate to the financial times right now. I hate coming of as strong but I get excited when I know people are making a lot of money in this. I am trying to get something that works. Any feed back. Also from YTB Travel the same thing. Trying to get people to our presentations has not been good. Who can go wrong with getting paid to travel and a tax break.

complaining about their broadcasting ads touting serial scammer Ty Coughlin’s reverse funnel system. I was surprised that a seemingly reputable mainstream radio station would tout such garbage.

The sales manager wrote back advising me how this was an “alternate” and legitimate means of generating multiple streams of income that was so powerful, he had just signed up himself, and would soon be ringing in the cash.

It is kind of like when the aliens take over the bodies of humans.