I don’t think that is appropriate, if I am wrong please accept my apologies. Be nice, these people are asking for us to help them. We can’t help them or anyone else if we act worse than the recruiters of the mlms. They are nice because they need the person, we need to know what is the new and up and coming mlms so we can check them out before we are recruited, and to see just how far the mlms are going to change their programs to keep going. I was once told that the mlms are started by the same people over and over and all the mlms are to the same peole. Is this true? If so is it a legal entity and if so we should reveal this.

At least from your posting, you are a pretty classic MLMer. Just the appearance of an opportunity is enough for you to part with substantial money.
And then of course, you cannot fathom why people you approach are more circumspect.

Your upline is making all the money from the product you and the other downline is buying. As for the rest, just do the simple math to see how much it would add up to if you could ALL make $7000 a week, and compare it against the entire revenue of your company.