I was just hoping we could be less critical of people who are trying to work. We have beggars out on the street daily that want us to give them our hard earned money, while they are capable of working, and we drop them a quarter without thinking we are helping them stay poor by giving them crumbs, but let someone with hope ask a question, and what I read I took as sarcasm. Sure they need to know get out now. or Been there with that company done that a scam too. I think that is more what people need to hear. The facts. Thank you for answering. Can I ask you this? Is there ANY mlm that does work?

But let me ask you this – read the post again, and tell me what help is being asked for here! The things I see are 1) Wants to join YTB MLM ($495) 2).upline making $7000/wk.
3). He’s not having much success with his recruiting and wants to know why (asks in a forum for people who have been burned by MLM! – one way or another) 4). Concludes by suggesting everybody should jump at the chance to “get paid to travel and get a tax break”.

All I really did was answer those questions – one way or another 😉