Could you clarify this?

You say you’re interested in joining, but then you say “my upline.” How can she be your upline if you aren’t in yet? Could you tell us just what is going on?

She’s travelling, but at who’s expense? Does she show you reimbursement checks to show they’re paying for it? Is she flying or driving? Has she shown you any proof of her income? If this is a real business, then her tax returns will show it as a separate business, which means she can show proof of how her business is doing without showing you personal documents. Ask her about this. I promise she’ll avoid you or get upset. She won’t want to show you this proof. She may have $7,000 coming in, but for all you know, she may be spending $6,999 on expenses for it. If she’s really doing well and wants you to join her and do well, she should have no issue with showing you proof of her income.

You get excited when talking about a lot of money. Lots of people do, but is it real, or just bait? Is it possible they’re just using the numbers to get you so excited you don’t examine the facts and figures?
That’s an old magican’s and con-man’s trick: get the person so excited they don’t look at the facts and just listen to the sales pitch.

Think of this: If you’re having trouble getting people to listen to presentations, think about what that says. (Why are you giving presentations if you’re not a member? Are they getting you to work for them for free?) What is your upline telling you? Do they say people are eager to use the product? Do they say it sells itself? What do they say about how well the system works?

Then compare it to what you see. Do people want to hear your pitch? Do they want to join? Or do people run from you as if you have the plague? If people don’t want to hear your pitch, think about how they react. Do you want to go into something like that where people shun you when possible and treat you like a pariah where they want to get away or don’t want to hear what you have to say?

Also watch how people respond to your upline. Is this a successful person in the business? Supposedly so, but do people run from her? Do they avoid her when she starts the pitch? I don’t mean people they’ve roped into listening, but people in public when you’re out together.
Do you want to spend your life focused, in all your spare time, on recruiting people every where you go? Do you want a life like they represent without time off when you clock out at the end of the day?