Great advice!

MLM only works for the top so many people which I think can be established by how many join and retain their place or how many reorder each time. MLM does not work, and I am really wanting to know how they do this and people don’t sue them, or at least report them to the attorney general’s office in their state. The attorney Generals office will shut them down!!! The best advice I would give is for the recruited to address the plan with the sttorney Generals office before they join, and without letting the mlm know. If they pressure you then you can join, and in most cases within 3 days cancel. If it is over 25.00 it is my understanding you can cancel and they have to return your money. I got taken in by visalus. However they had to return my money because they say the product is all natural, it is not, and when I pointed out they are using sucrolose they immediately returned my money, and I stipulated they needed to
return all money including my shipping cost. They did. You need to use your attorney general they are paid for by your taxes. Trust me they work, and don’t play around with crooks. I can’t say, but one of the big cell phone cos did a name change because of not properly training their employees. The atty gen is about the only office I know of that really can make a difference! The BBB has no power. I don’t know why they waste time keeping that office open. You get better advice on and everyone can read your gripe!
Just putting in my 2 cents worth.