Hi I’m from Indonesia

My boyfriend and I joined MLM of FFI (used to stand for Fuel Freedom International but now recently it changed name to Forever Freedom Internatinal ) on March 08. We join the business actually to build wider network, keep in touch with friends while making some side-income, and unexpectedly we have earned at around USD 3000. Not bad at all. Don’t know about social-culture in other countries, but here in my own practice, I learn the key to excell in this business is to be thick skin, positive thinking, persistant, and determined. Just keep introducing, if nobody wants, that’s alright, then move to find other new prospects. Don’t let negative inputs from ppl get to you. Becoz this is our side income, so in case this is not successful, well that’s ok. Good things are we get to know more ppl with many different characters and from various business backgrounds, and learn new things from them.