I agree

We have yet to see anyone meet Paine’s challenge that they can make a good full time living in an MLM without charging their downline for promotional materials or by selling tickets to conventions to promote the MLM.

True, there is one member here who was in an organization where she did quite well but she also stepped down when she learned more about what was going on overall with that organization and it’s also true the conditions in that group have changed since then

Yes, it’s good people are looking for jobs, although I haven’t heard anything about layoffs for people yet, just tight credit and a roller coaster stock market.
It’s also important to remember that overall there is little proof that MLMs provide any kind of stable jobs. In almost any organization they may talk about how easy and quickly one can rise to the top, but once you’re in, they talk about years of dedication and work, not about a quick rise up to the top. That means, in every case, even if honest success is possible, that someone starting work now in an MLM won’t be making a living at it for several years.

That is NOT the situation a caring person would want to put another human being in if that other person doesn’t have a job or needs money. It’s confusing long term possibilities with short term needs.

I agree. It isn’t. We’re not here to tell people about MLMs that work and it’s been stated many times, and is mentioned in the docs people are told to read that we don’t make any claim to being fair and balanced.

MLMs are dangerous and bad. The purpose of this group is not to find good ones, but to help people who have been burned by them in one way or another. For this group to help people find a good MLM would be like AA trying to help an alcoholic find a good wine.

Remember that 99%+ figure. You actually have better chances of making a killing on a weekend trip to Vegas than you do of succeeding in *any* MLM that you work hard at for 5 years. Consider that point carefully, then decide whether it’s wise to even invest any time into evaluating any MLMs.