I have seen the devastating effects of MLM on a person and family through my wife

who has bought into to their line of riches while you cure the world of every disease known to man.

Despite your experience, you still give them too much credit. From lotions and potions to my wife’s product – a magical material that will cure what ails you if you buy and wear enough of it all the time – they all exploit the people at the bottom. And if, as you say, they can move a lot of products, if a company really did have a product that were as good as they claim, wouldn’t it make more sense to sell boatloads to WalMart than to sell them one at a time through an untrained sales force of work at home soccer Moms?

By their very nature, MLMs are all scams. It is mathematically assured that most people in an MLM will lose money, and the facts are that over 99% do. Draw out a pyramid, and you will see that no matter what the size of a pyramid, there will always be more people in the very bottom rung, that in ALL of the rungs above it. At some point, any MLM runs out of bottom rungers, and the whole thing collapses, with the majority of people at the bottom and out of luck.

The comp plans are all designed to pay only the mega stars, while the rest are simply customers of overpriced, overhyped and mostly useless products.

This business model should be banned.

Good luck with your research.