I think you might be confusing my post with Hals

The reason I attacked your post is because it seems very dishonest and I have seen this exact thing many time before here by people that are are tying to promote or recuit to their MLM. You state that “We join the business actually to build wider network, keep in touch with friends while making some side-income, and unexpectedly we have earned at around USD 3000”.
You then state “to excell in this business is to be thick skin, positive thinking, persistant, and determined. Just keep introducing, if nobody wants, that’s alright, then move to find other new prospects”. So, you joined mostly to make new acquaintances and friends and accidentally made good money but you have to be thick skinned, positive, persistent and determined. To make new friends? Really?? You say your main purpose is to make new acquaintances/friends but if they don’t like your business you ditch them and just move on? Doesn’t sound very friendly to me. It might just be a cultural misunderstanding but this does not seem to me to be a good way to expand your social network of friends. If this is actually a `side’ income is it actually an income or just revenue? Is there any actual income after expenses? You also say that “Good things are we get to know more ppl with many different characters and from various business backgrounds, and learn new things from them”, but if you just ditch them and move on when they are not interested in your MLM what are you learning from them? I think you just came here to justify/promote/recruit to your MLM. I really don’t think that you could have picked a worse place to do this. This is not a place where we discuss what the best MLM is, it is a place where we discuss which is the worse. As Hal tells you, you might want to read the documents that were presented to you when you joined this blog.