Lieto, as long as you’ve been here in this blog

you still haven’t discovered that it’s not about how YOU perceive it but how it’s pitched to prospects? C’mon.

When employers look for people to hire, they put out a “help wanted” notice (a window sign, an ad in the paper or an announcement on radio or TV, etc.). The people who respond are total strangers, and if you’ve had more than 1 or 2 jobs, you know that some jobs are not completely friendly, to the employee or to the people with whom that employee associates. (Do you know anyone who’s ever worked in telemarketing? There’s a job that annoys a lot of people!)

When an MLM is pitched, they try to wrap it up in descriptions that resemble traditional business models and practices SO THAT it won’t sound like a scheme.

So once again, when you blame the victim (by calling them “naive”), you miss the point and possibly encourage scammers to keep going after those “naive” folks who don’t recognize what they’re doing, because even critics of MLM can’t figure out why the schemes work.