Oh yeah, been there, done that

I got invited to ACN by someone I really trusted, and it took me about two years to get over it and out of it. Three if you count my rather slow journey out of a fairly dark pit it put me into.

I made it to ETT, almost ETL, but I ended up looking at some of the MLM information about other companies of long term installment loans with badcredit on the net and extrapolating to ACN. There’s hardly any information out there about them, and they could definitely use someone exposing them.

One of the really interesting things about ACN is that, while they are pretty careful to never actually lie to you, they are very good at misleading you. Heck, I got pretty good at misleading others, but at least I believed that it was good at the time. I got discouraged after seeing a bunch of my friends simply fail with it – it didn’t seem to me that a legitimate business would end up with everyone failing at it.

I have no idea how RVPs and SVPs can sleep at night. I recruited about 18 people myself and that still makes me sick to my stomach.

If you need any info on ACN, contact me.